(Search Engine Optimisation)

How can you get your site ranked as high as possible? Doemeyn’s approach to SEO is using techniques that are legitimate methods for improving ranking, otherwise it may actually hinder your results.

We use various guidelines when developing your website, and as Google is the most powerful search tool today we incorporate their guidelines and tools also. We'll set you up with your own Google Analytics account so you can regularly view reports, develop keywords, use Google maps and much more.

Of course there are no guarantees but we'll ensure we do everything possible from our end and arm you with legitimate tools at your end.
If you are prepared to spend some of your additional advertising budget on promoting your website, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) may be for you.
Paid search listings are typically sold as pay per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC). Each marketer "bids" for chosen keywords or phrases. You might, for instance, pay 26 cents for the keyword "forest," but other marketers who pay 27 cents or more will outrank you. You could then increase your payment to work higher up the list. The set up fee is around $10.00 and bids usually start around 20 cents, but realise that some marketers are paying hundreds of dollars per keyword.
There are specialised search marketing consultants who work on a day rate or project basis to get you up and going.
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