(Content Management System)

We all prefer to see a website regularly updated so we offer a content management system (CMS) empowering you to keep the public up to date with your latest products, offerings and news. With the use of simple editing and management tools you will be able to update text and images on your site online with immediate results.

The CMS system alleviates you to continually approach us for website changes, saving you money. So whether it’s to introduce a news article, or update pictures, most aspects of the management of your website will be entirely under your own control.

Your website would be designed to have a common “framework” (outer graphics / overall appearance / navigation system etc), and the detail would be presented in a designated area within that framework.

Depending on the complexity of your solution, there will be some aspects of your website where CMS will not be suitable to integrate. For instance dynamic pages that are designed as forms for database or e-mails that require server-based code to function. You’ll find these pages rarely require changes once operational.

In some instances a CMS based website may hinder the “creativity”, and you may opt to make a real point of difference with a graphically and technically advanced solution at the expense of self management.

A 1 to 2 hour training session is all you need to get started, and we will always be accessible to support you in your site management.
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