Create A Content Calendar: Managing your Social Media posts

Another tip to manage your Facebook content… 

Plan what and when you will post to give you an overview of topics, products and services you want to cover without repetition. It also offers fans the opportunity to be aware of your pattern and look forward to certain posts.

To begin highlight upcoming large events and special promotions. Then plan weekly events and scheduled tasks to give structure to your daily posts. Here's an example:

Monday - Post a link to an interesting article

Tuesday - Post a photo (either product, staff member or listing etc)

Wednesday  - Question of the week (around a news event, social event or business topic)

Thursday - Post a link to a video

Friday - Use today for a little fun (remember the happiness index). Select a Fan or Fan Page of the week, or post a photo and ask for best caption.

(note: it is better to post more than once a day, three times is recommended)

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