Website Launch: Jass Design

In his Melbourne studio sculptor Rudi Jass creates contemporary water features, sculptures, kinetic sculptures and garden art. Jass Design wanted new space to showcase his amazing creations (we know as Doemeyn has purchased a piece). His existing site had the following problems we needed to overcome:
  •     difficult to navigate
  •     organic search and ranking issues
  •     management of content was frustrating and time consuming

Our main focus was to create the page around a 'piece' and use 'less clicks' making it easy to navigate through. With our knowledge in Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) we were able to build in extra features and advise Jass Design on how to increase traffic through his own management. Doemeyns strength is the ability to custom design the Content Management System (CMS) by removing excess developer directed tools and simplifying the process.

Best wishes to Rudi Jass who is currently exhibiting a Kinetic Sculpture piece in London at The Chelsea Flower Show.


jass design

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